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Baby of the Month 2017

Thank you to all of the families and preemies from around the world who sent in their stories for the BabyFirst Baby of the Month feature. Each month you will find a new story about a courageous preemie and how he or she is doing today. Each story gives hope and inspiration to the parents and families currently experiencing all of challenges that may come with prematurity.


Birth Weight:785 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:25 week + 2 days
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Born 15 weeks early, Charlie's medical problems were extensive, including sepsis, grade 3 and 4 brain bleeds and chronic lung disease. After 98 days on NICU, he came home on oxygen support. Now, he's a happy healthy boy, full of love and mischief. His favourite things are ice cream and the animated series, Peppa Pig. Socially and developmentally he's doing brilliantly. The family credits it all to the NICU staff and all those who supported them during the hard times.

Barbara, Angela, Sheena

Birth Weight:1530, 1280, 1420 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:34 weeks
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Barbara, Angela and Sheena were born six weeks early on the 28th of September in 1985. After their birth, they spent some time in the NICU. After a few weeks, they were moved to a maternity hospital in Edinburgh.
At the time, they were a very rare occurance as completely natural and identical triplets. Now they are 30 years old and all have jobs with the NHS Scotland which they love.


Birth Weight:710 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:25 weeks + 1 day
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Archie had a 145-day stay in the NICU. During this time he had seven blood transfusions, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and hernia surgery, several infections, suspected necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which was thankfully just trapped wind, and a developmental cyst on the brain. He came home and remained on oxygen until he was 11 months old. Now, he is a lively toddler with no health issues who loves playing with trains and cars and wears his parents out every day with his boundless energy!


Birth Weight:600 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:23 weeks + 4 days
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

At 22 weeks, Anais‘ mother was in a park when her water suddenly broke and she was rushed to hospital. She was not dilated so fortunately she was able to keep Anais in for another week. She then went into labour on the 18th of August. Anais was born breech and she came out gasping. She weighed only 600 grams and stayed in hospital for six months. She had a rocky journey but now she is in school and doing really well! Anais loves the animation series, Peppa Pig.


Birth Weight:2290 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:37 weeks
Country of Birth:South Africa

Paige was born with a 10 cm gap in her oesophagus. Less than 24 hours after being born, she had her first operation to insert a PEG feeding tube. Over the following three weeks, she had three more operations. She was in the NICU for just over a month. She was fed via the PEG tube for six months. At six months old, she had a five-hour reconstructive surgery. She crashed four times the day after. She is much better now.


Birth Weight:540 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:24 weeks
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Logan was born at 24 weeks weighing 540 grams. He spent two years in the hospital, transferring from the NICU to the children's ward. He suffered from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP grade 3) and had two laser eye surgeries to correct this. He also had necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) which resulted in several operations and eventually an illeostomy with several complications. Logan suffered as well from chronic lung disease which meant he was on oxygen for four years.


Birth Weight:1360 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:32 weeks
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Eden was born eight weeks early via an emergency caesarean section. She spent four weeks in the NICU and was able to go home on Christmas Eve! It was a very emotional time. Eden has scoliosis and spina bifeda and she has just recently undergone a nine-hour spine operation. However is she currently doing fantastically!

Laci Lou

Birth Weight:840 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:28 weeks
Country of Birth:South Africa

Laci Lou was born at 28 weeks gestational age via an emergency cesarean when her mother was diagnosed with reversed doppler flow and severe preeclampsia. Laci came out strong, but very little at 32cm. Everything was going well until day five when her tummy perforated and she had to be rushed off for major surgery to repair the hole. It was very scary! But she fought through and thrived after. Then 75 days later she came home!

Ellen May

Birth Weight:560 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:23 weeks + 3 days
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Ellen was born in the evening on the 12th of September in 2005 after her mom had been drifting in and out of labour for two weeks. She was born still in her membranes and was immediately intubated and moved to the NICU. She spent 12 weeks there and underwent several procedures and operations before being transferred to the local hospital for another 12 weeks and more procedures and operations. She came home at six months old on oxygen.


Birth Weight:1300 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:29 weeks
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

It took Poppie‘s mother four years to conceive her miracle baby. Unfortunately she started bleeding early into her pregnancy. After that, she thought everything was alright until she went into the hospital when she noticed her baby‘s movement had reduced. Her daughter‘s heartbeat was dramatically falling lower and lower. It was a very scary situation. Poppie spent just under six weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). Today, Poppie is a happy and healthy six-month old who loves smiling and laughing


Birth Weight:482 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:23 weeks + 1 day
Country of Birth:United Kingdom

Ava-Rose had to fight even before conception as she was a result of IVF and was conceived with her twin brother Jude. The birth was traumatic as the family lost their brave boy. Ava-Rose and Jude were born at just 23 weeks and one day gestational age. The NICU was a very testing time but the NICU staff were incredible. After four and a half months, Ava-Rose finally made it home. Now, she loves nothing more than the animated series, Peppa Pig.

Luca Kaden

Birth Weight:1100 grams
Gestational Age at Birth:32 weeks
Country of Birth:South Africa

Luca was born at 32 weeks and one day gestational age weighing 1100 grams. Soon after his birth, he had a pulmonary haemorrhage. The hospital he was at had not seen a baby survive that in 15 years. He was on every breathing machine they had. Fortunately after 45 days he was well enough to come home. Now at almost 2 years old, he is a thriving toddler with loads of energy.

Baby Heroes

Advances in research and technology have helped increase the survival rates and long-term success of premature babies to higher levels that ever before. Here, you can view a selection of success stories from prematures babies who have grown into truly amazing children and young adults.