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PreemieWorld was created to help bridge the gap between parents and professionals in the NICU, at home and beyond. With books, videos, and other products and tools, the hope is to make everyone’s life just a little bit easier as the “new normal” is created in the life of the preemie and his/her family.

Neonatal Nurses Association (NNA)

The Neonatal Nurses Association (NNA) is a professional organisation that has brought together Nurses working in the neonatal field, within the borders of the UK and beyond, since it was founded in 1977.A group of individuals who have been willing to fight for their babies, their families and promoting standards in Neonatal care.

To find out more visit their website at

Patient Family Care


Professional care is just the beginning. Caring for preemie babies is more than treatment plans, tubes and wires. It’s caring for the entire family; creating loving, nurturing moments for babies at risk. Patient+Family Care offers a variety of educational offerings and improvement guides that will assist departments and individuals gain confidence in their family centered care practices, and directly to families to help them better understand the complexities of the NICU.

The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN)

The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN) is an online community dedicated to addressing critical knowledge gaps in newborn health. HNN is a platform for organizations and professionals to exchange experiences disseminate information and increase coordination, collaboration and co-generation of knowledge to advance newborn health.

HNN connects advocates around the world and provides a platform for discussions and interactions on a vast range of newborn and maternal health topics.


99nicu is an Internet community for professionals in neonatal medicine. Originally set up by neonatologists in Sweden, 99nicu is now managed by an international team.

A membership, free of charge, is required for access to all features.

If you work in neonatal medicine - take the opportunity to unite with neonatal staff in a truly international community! Register as a member here.

Neonatal Nurses Association of Southern Africa (NNASA)

Founded in February 2007, The Neonatal Nurses Association of Southern Africa (NNASA) aims to improve the delivery of optimal, holistic nursing care for all babies born in South Africa through ongoing communication, support, education and setting of standards amongst neonatal nurses in this country and internationally.

European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI)

The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) is the first pan-European organisation and network to represent the interests of newborn and preterm infants and their families. It gathers together parents, healthcare professionals and scientists from different disciplines with the common goal of improving long-term health of newborn and preterm children by ensuring the best possible prevention, treatment, care and support.

Journal of Neonatal Biology

Journal of Neonatal Biology covers clinical, medical studies related to Neonatolgy and focussing on topics includes neonatal-sepsis, neonatal-mortality, neonatal-infections, vaccination in neonates, Neonatal nursing, Neonatal disorders, Perinatal medicine, Congenital diseases in Neonates and more.

Little Big Souls

Little Big Souls is an international not-for profit/charitable organization with offices in the UK, Nigeria and Ghana that works to help greatly improve the care of babies born preterm in Africa. The first of its kind in Africa, its mission is an unwavering commitment to the reduction of death and disability for Pre-term Babies born on the continent and the welfare of their Parents.

LittleBigSouls thus works through it's various programs to help provide proper care to sick babies and their parents by mission activities such as donating medical equipment to desperate neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the region, helping to fund the individual medical care of babies in hospital, coordinating key medical training through LittleBigSouls Symposiums to the medical profession, providing vital support to Parents of Preterm Babies; and advocating strongly regionally and globally on the plight of our tiny littlebigsouls in Africa to help provide a fighting chance and influence a positive change in attitudes, care, policy and research on pre-term birth in Africa and globally.

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