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When designing a new intensive care unit or refitting an older ward with more modern equipment, getting it right can make a world of difference. But it can be challenging to meet the needs of all the personnel who walk through the doors every day, including nurses and technical staff members, doctors, and hospital managers.

And then there are, of course, the needs of the patients. It’s evident that all these needs can range widely. Here, neonatal care providers can find a selection of resources that focus on infrastructure solutions and design. 

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NICU Design Then and Now

Dr. Robert White from the South Bend Memorial Hospital talks about the evolution of NICU design. He remembers what it was like when he first started and how design concepts for these units have changed along with the practices over time.

Why it matters

Dr. Robert White explains why NICU design is so critical for the infant and their development as well as for the family and staff. He focuses on the the sensory environment and the implications that it has for NICU design.

A NICU Dream to Reality Tour with Dr. Robert White

Dr. Robert White walks us through the new unit at South Bend Memorial Hospital. Throughout the tour he shows us a lot of the new features they incorporated into the unit to make it a better place for babies, parents and staff. The space is just as welcoming as it is impressive. Take a look!

Design for Noise Control

What are the 3 things you must consider when it comes to noise control and NICU design? At the time of this interview, Dr. Robert White and his team had just opened their brand new unit at South Bend Memorial Hospital and he has excellent advice for anyone building or remodeling a NICU in order to create the best possible sound environment to support the development of your preemies.

NICU Reference Case

Learn how the “Agostino Gemelli” University Hospital in Rome rebuilt and reequipped their unit from the ground up. A lot of the success is attributed to a partnership with a manufacturer in the beginning of the planning process. Now staff and parents are very happy with the new unit which opened in 2013.

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3D Look

Configuring an individualized 3D rendering is a great way to test our your design ideas. You can contact a Draeger representative for a consultation to learn more here.

Best place to learn more?

The annual Gravens Conference on the Physical and Environmental Development of the High-Risk Infant. Stay tuned here for next year's event. 

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