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Addressing critical clinical topics in neonatal care

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Neonatal Neurology

Understanding the Newborn Brain and Neurocritical Care

It is very important to understand that the newborn's brain is very different to the child or adult brain. Neonatal neurology and neurocritical care is dedicated to the developmental progress of these critically ill newborns including brain injury prevention and management. Neonatal neurologists monitor, examine and treat newborns in the NICU and beyond. Practices within this dedicated field have developed a lot in the past couple decades due to research and technological developments. This section will cover how to identify the infant who needs neuro support as well as intraventricular hemorrage (IVH), hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and brain cooling, seizures and more.

What is neonatal neurological care?

Dr. Taeun Chang, Neonatal and Fetal Neurologist from Children's National, explains what neonatal neurology is and what she does. This serves as the healthcare providers' orientation to neonatal neurology. Her job is to not only take care of these little patients but to make sure the healthcare provider aware of the neurological state of these patients. For a parents' orientation to neonatal neurology go to the parents corner.

Basics of Brain Anatomy

Dr. Taeun Chang gives us an overview of the anatomy of the brain. She draws as she explains so we can see where things are and what function different parts have. This is helpful to improve our understanding of brain injury.

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